Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a substitute teacher?

The answer to this question depends on your situation. Substitute teaching is a wonderful opportunity for those who want flexibility and control of their schedule. It is a great way for those who have retired from teaching to continue to make a difference in the classroom. For student teachers, it is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in the classroom prior to having your own classroom. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to test the waters for those who are considering a career in education.

How much are Morgan Hunter Education substitute teachers paid?

Our pay rates vary from district to district. Morgan Hunter Education substitute teachers are paid weekly (every Friday).

How often will I be called to work?

There are many different variables that will affect the amount of work offered. Some months are consistently high-absence months while others are slower. Additionally, the number of districts, schools, subjects, grades, and days that you are available to substitute teach will also affect how much you work.

Do retired teachers need to complete the same application/employment process?

Yes, a staffing specialist will meet and interview all applicants to determine if they will be hired as a substitute teacher for Morgan Hunter Education.

May I choose the districts, schools, subjects, grades and times that I would like to work?

YES! Substitute teachers have total control of their schedules and work locations.

Will I receive substitute teacher training before entering the classroom?

As an Morgan Hunter Education substitute teacher, you are our partner in providing a quality education for the students. To assist you in fulfilling this critical role, you will be required to attend a Substitute Orientation before you can begin accepting assignments. Our goal, as you enter a classroom, is for you to have a positive teaching experience and for students to have a day of quality instruction.