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Sebastian has been a wonderful substitute teacher for MHED and is always willing to step up and take on difficult positions. He communicates any incidents he may encounter with students right away and always breaks down the entire situation, so we know how to follow up with the issue if needed. Teachers and administrators speak of Sebastian in high regards and he is someone who is requested frequently. We want to thank Sebastian for a job well done and for keeping his focus on the success of his students.

What do you like most about being a substitute teacher?

As a substitute teacher, I have the opportunity to impact students in a positive and meaningful way each day. I enjoy the rewards and challenges of helping students learn more about our society and world, and of helping them engage in the learning process in their unique ways.

Why did you become a substitute teacher? What is your background or other jobs you’ve had?

To begin with, I believe that teaching is one of the most vital positions in our society. I became a substitute teacher because I love working with kids, influencing their development, and facilitating and celebrating their success. I take pride in my role as a substitute teacher because it allows me to inspire and encourage kids to learn. It gives me an opportunity to help kids prepare themselves for their futures.

I’ve always enjoyed working with kids and helping them develop: Throughout my own kids’ childhoods and adolescence, I coached them all, along with kids of all ages and from all backgrounds, in various sports. It was always deeply rewarding. I believe that teaching and coaching are similar in many ways, and it’s truly special to observe how much students and athletes can learn in just a short period of time.

I was a probation officer for 30 years. I began my career in the juvenile justice system, which required me to work closely with school administrators and counselors. I also worked for 20 years as a federal probation officer.

What is your favorite grade level/subject to teach?

I prefer teaching middle school and high school because the students are more in tune with important issues and current events, which are things that I like to incorporate into my lessons with them.

I enjoy teaching social studies the most for this reason, as well. It gives me an opportunity to help students understand major issues like civil rights, environmental issues and justice, social and political history, and government.

What do you feel the students like most about you when you fill in as the teacher?

I believe my calm demeanor, patience and sense of humor are the characteristics that most allow me to connect with all types of students and have success with them in the classroom.

Amber Yohe, a teacher I’ve worked closely with at Eudora Middle School, noted her evaluation of my strengths: that I try to be understanding of kids who come from all sorts of situations and life circumstances, and that I realize that some of them are coming from situations where they aren’t necessarily heard or understood. I’m patient with them all, and work with what they bring to the classroom on any given day. However, I’m good at setting boundaries, and I don’t negotiate my expectations.

I believe that kids are able to thrive within the framework of high expectations coupled with compassion and understanding that I bring to the classroom.

What do you do in your free time when you aren’t working?

I spend a lot of my free time with my family. I also officiate football, basketball, and softball. I love to barbeque and grill, and also enjoying watching sports. When I have the chance, I like to get out and ride my bike.

Tell us about your family.

We are a very close-knit family, and we thrive on trust and togetherness. I’ve been married for 29 years to my wife, Carolyn Masinton. We have three children: Our daughter, Quentin; and our sons Sebastian and Anthony. We have a granddaughter named Leila (daughter of Quentin), who will be 4 in November. We also have a dog named Princess.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

A unique hobby of mine is that, since I love to barbeque, I experiment with creating a variety of spicy rubs for the meats I put on the grill or smoker.


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