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MHED nominated Peggy Brown to be our February Sub of the Month. We deeply appreciate your hard work and commitment to the students and schools you work with. We appreciate your dedication in ensuring teachers return to their classrooms without a hitch- you leave very detailed notes, making learning engaging for students and are a great teammate for the other teachers you work with.

What do you like most about being a substitute teacher?

I enjoy working with students at different stages of development. Each age has its joys and challenges and I love seeing students “get it,” that moment when it just clicks.

Why did you become a substitute teacher? What is your background or other jobs you have had?

I started subbing many moons ago for DODDS in Germany. My husband was active-duty, Army and I knew we’d probably soon be moving. Our daughters were 4 & 5 years old and I wanted the flexibility of working part-time, while I was finishing my bachelor’s degree. I had originally been an elementary education major. I also wanted the hands-on experience of working in my field. Because I was minoring in German history, life, language and culture, I was asked to fill-in for the Host Nation teacher. I loved this! I also have taught Sunday School and Children’s Church. When my girls were younger, I was a Daisy Scout Leader. I also have been the Church Clerk for 3 different congregations, two of which were in Germany. This gave me many opportunities to practice my German and make life-long friendships. I have run my own daycare business out of my home, giving 24-hour care to children of soldiers that were out on maneuvers or deploying. Currently, I have a side business that helps make people better. It is a company founded on ongoing bioscience research out of Princeton University. It brings me joy to see people’s lives changed for the better.

What is your favorite grade level/subject to teach?

I don’t have a favorite grade level, but I do enjoy the social sciences, no matter what age-level and understanding what role the geopolitical situations play in a historical event. Why people do what they do. Language plays a role in that. I enjoy languages, too.

What do you feel the students like most about you when you fill in as the teacher?

I’ve been told by students that I’m fair and they like my stories. We work, but I make a conscious effort to put a name with a face and let them know that I do care about them.

What do you do in your free time when you are not working?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and son and playing with our dog. I’ve started to learn pickleball. I like visiting places and being out among people. Just a day trip to somewhere new brings me joy. I like going back east to see my family and old friends. The beach is one of my favorite places to vacation. I also like to read about current events, personal development and I enjoy different kinds of music, too, especially live music.

Tell us about your family.

My husband, Kelly and I have been married 33 years and we have five children, two daughters, and three sons. Kelly is retired Army and works out of Fort Leavenworth. We also have three grandchildren, one granddaughter, and two grandsons. We are down to our last child still at home. Isaac is an active 8th grader. Our oldest daughter has the mommy dog to our sweet labradoodle. Since they live back east, it helps us feel closer to them. Our other daughter lives in VA and works in that area. Our oldest son is a junior at KU after serving as an Army Airborne Soldier for 4 years. Our second son is currently in the Air Force serving in New Jersey.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I have had the opportunity to tour the catacombs in Salzburg, Austria under the Castle, which were dug out by hand with wooden tools, so no one would hear them. I also was able to sit in a window seat in the Coburg Castle where Martin Luther had sat to translate the Bible into Middle German so that the common people could understand it.



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