If Laura Girard-Munroe is going to do something, she goes “all out.” That’s why, after she began running 18 years ago to lose weight, her first races were a 12K and half-marathon.

“I ran my first marathon because I entered a marathon naming contest in my hometown of Maryville, MO,” Laura said. “They picked my marathon name, so I decided if I named it, I should run it.”

After finishing her first marathon on a ridiculously hot and humid day, she swore she would never do it again. But a year later, she changed her mind and decided to train for the Chicago Marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which she did.

“I ran my first Boston Marathon in 2005 and my second Boston Marathon in 2011. Overall, I have completed numerous races: two half-ironman triathlons, 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons and 17 marathons.”

With Laura’s affinity for running and physical fitness, it should come as no surprise that she taught elementary physical education for 12 years. Now, she’s a substitute teacher with MHED. And her favorite class to teach? Physical education of course!

“I enjoy seeing the students exercising and enjoying fitness. I want children to love P.E.!” Laura said. “I miss the relationship piece of teaching full-time, but returning to the same schools and classrooms allows me the chance to.”

She lets all her students know that she’s an avid runner.

“I definitely practice what I teach, and the students I interact with know that.”

When she’s not substitute teaching, she enjoys walking and hiking with her husband Jeff, spending time with her two cats Piper and Coffee Jo, reading, thrifting, traveling, and working her second job as a caterer.

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