When Ramona Hawkins goes on a substitute teaching assignment in the Kansas City, Kansas School District, most of the kids know who she is. That’s because she’s been substitute teaching for more than 20 years.

“I have been a substitute for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools since August 1995,” Ramona said. “I love working with children and seeing them continue to learn when their teachers are not there. I know how very important that is to keep the teaching process going.”

Most of the kids know what to expect when Ramona is their substitute. She believes that all students have the ability to learn and achieve goals that are set for them.

“I have already created the special environment that students need when teachers are absent,” she said. “They feel very confident and they know what to expect. I explain to them that their day would be the same as if their teacher were here. Rules do not change and expectations do not change. For students who don’t know me, I try to make them feel confident about who I am and create that same positive environment for learning.”

In her spare time, Ramona enjoys walking, reading, volunteering as a substitute teacher at her church’s school and spending time with her two daughters and four grandchildren.

MHED appreciates Ramona’s willingness to work the last minute assignments that are created the morning of the assignment. She calls into our office and asks where we need her to go.

Thank you, Ramona, for all that you do!

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