Maddox (left) with young men from the Books Not BAARS program.


When unsafe lead levels poisoned the water in Flint, MI, Tarence Maddox knew he needed to do something. So, he helped take 48,000 pounds of clean water to the beleaguered city.

“I will never forget the looks on the residents’ faces who thanked us as we took water door to door,” Maddow said. “I will also never forget the benevolence shared throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area as citizens donated money, water, water filters and even the trucks we delivered the water in.”

Volunteering has been a passion of Maddox’s since his childhood.

“Church elders and family taught me the importance of volunteering,” he said.

Maddox has continued to volunteer throughout his life to set an example for his children and the young men he mentors in his community.

“I volunteer in hopes that others will be encouraged and get involved with volunteering as a result,” he said. “I volunteer as I know it puts me in favor with God — he blesses those who bless others. Volunteering builds bonds, connections, and an internal sense of joy and confidence.”

One of his more memorable volunteering experiences involves his time with Books Not BAARS, a program through which Maddox mentors young men ages 11-14.

“We’ve watched them graduate at the top of their senior classes,” he said. “We watch them wear suits and ties and walk upright, demanding a productive lifestyle. This is what I and others envisioned when we started the program in 2008.”

When Maddox isn’t volunteering his time to help others, he is substitute teaching with MHED.

“Substitute teaching lines up with the degree I am pursuing in education,” he said.

While he prefers teaching secondary education, Maddox also enjoys working with elementary students because they remind him of his own children.

Maddow encourages others to get involved in volunteering, believing it is the secret to living a happy, blessed and wholesome life.

“Be the change you want to see!”




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