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Winter weather is here, and along with it, cold and flu season. Teachers and substitute teachers are especially susceptible to these viruses. In an effort to keep educators healthy, STEDI recently released some tips to help you avoid getting sick.

  1. Wash Hands
  2. Sleep
  3. Exercise
  4. Get flu shot
  5. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you
  6. Eliminate soda drinks from your daily regimen and keep coffee to one or two cups (8oz) a day
  7. Drink lots of water throughout the day
  8. Catch everything once, then you won’t get sick again
  9. I take EmergenC every day
  10. Ride a bicycle to work
  11. When traveling around a busy high school filled with 3,500 students, if there are two doors going to a hallway, always open the left door. There is some real logic to this! Since most people are right-handed, these doorknobs (left ones) get used the least amount (just look at the way the paint wears).
  12. Keep the door open and heater on even if just to vent and to keep fresh air in room
  13. Cold-Eeze cough drops
  14. I take the herbal supplement Oregano Oil in capsule form. It is a natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal dietary supplement. It won’t prevent colds and flu, but it sure will cut down on them and make the symptoms less severe if you do catch something. I also take Olive Leaf Extract for the same reasons
  15. I make sure I cough into my elbow/sleeve and wash my hands with soap and water
  16. I always take some extra Vitamin C before going into the elementary classrooms
  17. I think my attitude helps me the most.
  18. I wipe down all of the tables, phones, computer keyboards, light switches, markers, desks, etc. with antibacterial wipes at the start and end of the day
  19. Dress warmly (dress in layers)
  20. Send students to the nurse if they complain of sore throats or headaches and have been coughing
  21. Keep desks and computer keyboards clean
  22. Of course, if we do get sick, we, as teachers, should stay home so that we do not spread any cold or flu
  23. I eat Satsumas, which contain more Vitamin C than a regular orange
  24. I eat a cup of frozen blueberries plus a probiotic every day
  25. Keep hands away from face
  26. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  27. Make sure to eat healthy snacks periodically throughout the day so your energy level stays up and your body stays stronger
  28. Using a nasal sinus rinse helps me tremendously
  29. I utilize zinc-type remedies (Zia cam) immediately when symptoms start
  30. Laugh
  31. I carry a bottle of water so I’m not tempted to drink from the water fountain
  32. The main thing I do is take Airborne
  33. Maintain a positive attitude! I do this by surrounding myself with positive people, nurturing my spirit, and by giving to others and to my community
  34. When I come home and before I hold my son, I shower and throw my clothes in the wash
  35. Get your daily dose of sunshine (take a 15-minute walk or sit near a sunny window for the same length of time and as often as possible)
  36. I usually wear a small, discrete half apron or a small side purse and have my own pens, pencils, highlighters, markers for the board, so I don’t have to use the teachers’. If they are out sick there’s most probably a hefty amount of germs spread around the classroom and all she/he has touched
  37. I gargle twice daily with HOT salt water. Bacteria cannot multiply in a saline solution
  38. I take Reliv everyday
  39. Take your own lunch to avoid the germs in the cafeteria

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